Posted On: December 31, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Go Solar

1. Solar power is the most reliable and abundant energy source on Earth.

Consistently, more solar energy hits the earth than all of humanity requires for a whole year. Solar panels utilize this energy by utilizing photovoltaic cells to convert it to electricity.

2. You can use solar power to run your entire home.

It’s a cheaper, safer, and green solution to running air conditioners, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.

3. A solar system WILL increase your home value

Solar panels can increase your home value by 5 – 10%. Most customers had their home value increase by a minimum of JMD$800,000.

 4. Solar can help lower electricity bills

Besides using less energy from the grid (JPS) you can also employ “net metering” where you sell back excess energy you produce to JPS.

5. Going solar with Conserve IT has a minimum return on investment of 35%

The average Conserve IT customer pays off their solar purchase in just siz to seven years and earns a strong ROI, receiving free electricity for the remainder of their solar system’s 12+ year lifespan.

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  1. Carlene Thomas

    I’m looking forward to plugging into the sun

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