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We offer The Most Economical & Efficient Products On The Market

Conserve It Ltd is the Authorized Dealer for SAMMLER V. Michalopoulos SA Products in Jamaica


We offer the most efficient and economical products on the market. 

Maximum Efficiency For Consistent Delivery

Solar PV Systems

CONSERVE IT sells and installs complete Solar Power solutions for residential and commercial use.
We offer two (2) types of Solar Power Systems, namely, Off – Grid and Grid – Tie Systems.

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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters

CONSERVE IT sells and installs Solar Water Heaters across the island without a charging you a cent for delivery and a 6 year warranty. Our Line of Solar Water Heaters can lower the cost of your electricity bill by 20% - 40% depending on your usage.

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Solar Pool Heating

Our Solar pool heaters heat your pool to a greater extent than the natural sunlight would and efficiently extending your swim season. We supply and install the entire pool heating system.

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Why Choose Conserve IT?
Our Experience

Since 2003 Conserve IT has been providing solar energy solutions to customers islandwide. To date we have installed over 10,000 solar water heaters and over 2,000 solar photovoltaic systems.

Our Approach

To us, it's not just work - we take pride in the solutions we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavors and aren't satisfied until projects meet our own personal high standards.

Product Quality

We offer the most efficient, durable, and economical solar products on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does solar cost?

The cost of a solar system depends on how much energy you want to generate this energy is measured in Kilowatt-Per-Hour (KWH).

How much can I expect to save by going solar?

Going solar is a long term investment as such it must be evaluated over a long term period. So savings must be evaluated as a comparison of the cost of energy used , that is  produced by your solar products  against the cost of energy used if it were taken from JPS over a 12 year period ; in which you will save around 40%. 

What happens to solar panels when it rains or is cloudy?

The solar panels will have access to less sunlight and the production will be reduced during that period but there will still be some output.

I want to go solar but I can't afford it , do you provide financing?

The National Housing Trust (NHT) and The Development Bank Of Jamaica (DBJ) provide financing for solar installations for residential and commercial purposes respectively.

Would it make sense to go solar if we use most our energy at night?

For customers who use most of their energy at night , we recommend an Off-Grid System which uses batteries to store the electricity generated by the solar system.

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Remote Monitoring

Monitor your solar system and energy usage anywhere from your computer/mobile device

Remote Monitoring of your solar system allows tracking of the performance and status of the system. This also records the system generation data in repeated intervals and stores it in the data base. Monitoring data can be checked for the life time generation and customized intervals like yearly, monthly, weekly, hourly etc. System status can be viewed from anywhere using an app or login into the monitoring website. This regular monitoring ensures a close eye watch on the system ensuring its proper working.