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Our Line of Solar Water Heaters can lower the cost of your electricity bill by 20% – 40% depending on your usage.

CONSERVE IT has the longest warranty for Solar Water Heaters in the Jamaican market. Unlike our competitors which may offer a maximum warranty of four (4) years on their system, we offer a six (6) year warranty and that warranty can also be extended to twelve (12) with a Maintenance Contract

CONSERVE IT’s Solar Water Heaters use a flat – plate, closed – loop system in order to use energy from the sun to heat water even in limited sunlight. It uses thick tempered solar glass panel cover and dark coating on the absorber to enable the solar collector to collect and store more heat than other competing models to heat water even in limited sunlight.

The connection lines from the solar collector to the storage tank are mainly integrated into the system in order to make the system more aesthetically pleasing on your roof.

These Solar Water Heaters require less maintenance because it uses a chemical called ‘Gycol’ in the closed loop system instead of the traditional open loop system which would circulate the water to be heated through the solar collector.

This would make servicing necessary only once a year since build-up would be accumulated in the water tank only after the water has been heated.

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